Alternative Derived Fuels, LLC

Solving your energy needs while lowering your fuel feedstock or disposal costs.

Alternative Derived Fuels

Alternative Derived Fuels, LLC, (ADF) is dedicated to providing high quality, worry free fuel feedstock services through years of professional experience in problem solving and customer service giving our clients a peace of mind in a professional and friendly manner.

Our services are intended to help grow the beneficial use of residual resources throughout the country. The company was founded to assist in growing the infrastructure of alternative fuel use through connecting material generators with those that can utilize this material for energy production or other uses.

We specialize in assisting the cement and power industries with feed stock supply as well as in helping the manufacturing, agriculture and recycling industry reduce waste disposal costs.

Let us help you avoid disposal costs, maximize material re-use, and allow the Alterntive Derived Fuels industry to grow and be part of the solution to the nation's dependency on foreign oil and coal.

Alternative Derived Fuels, LLC.
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